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Dear Hotel Manager

-ANIMATION GREECE is a professional entertainment company providing a high-quality recruitment service for hotels spanning the Greek Islands.  We offer a friendly and cooperative working relationship that enables hotel managers to feel completely relaxed with the job of the entertainers.

Animation is one of the strongest links between the guests and the hotel. A good Animation Team builds strong relations and can help to improve the incomes of the hotel in many ways.

Our Company organizes training courses and castings, from where we select the best Animators. Each Entertainer is recruited on the basis of rigorous training and a naturally happy disposition, enabling teams to perform harmoniously to the highest standards possible. The training courses are held in April and when training is complete we allocate the entertainers to the assigned hotels.

ANIMATION GREECE operates strictly according to the Legislation of the Hellenic Republic. All our entertainers are insured in EFKA and receive their salaries in Greek bank accounts.

A Greek invoice (τιμολόγιο) will be issued at end of each month from our main office to the associated hotel.

 With ANIMATION GREECE you will have the most reliable partner, willing to establish a long-term cooperation.

Should you be interested to obtain more details or have any
additional suggestion, you can contact us directly at any time.
We thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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