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  • Intro
  • Basic Requirements and Qualifications
  • What is the Role of a Hotel Animator
  • How to Apply
  • Working hours, Benefits and Salary
  • Notices and Warnings
  • What do you need to bring with you


The Hotel Animator’s job is to create, organize and run an entertainment program for hotel or resort guests. You will work as a part of a team, under the supervision of a Team Leader, providing sports, games, fitness, competitions and social events, as well as family-orientated activities and evening shows. Each member of a team has specific tasks and duties. According to the needs of the hotel, the Animation Team might consist of 2–20 animators, having different positions such as Sport Animator, Fitness Animator, Kids Animator, All-rounder, Juniors Animator, DJ, etc. You will work closely with your team and the hotel guests on a daily basis (excluding the days off) during the day and in the evening.

Basic Requirements and Qualifications

Hotel Animators should be over 18 years old, have at least high school education and should know English well. The knowledge of any other language such as German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish is desirable. Experience in sports and entertainment, as well as certificates and diplomas are an advantage.

Qualities and skills a Hotel Animator should have:

  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Energy
  • Responsability
  • Confidence
  • Good sense of humour
  • Enthusiasm
  • Be organised
  • Cultural awareness
  • An animator should be always happy, social, helpful and polite

To have a wider idea of the activities, performances, etc., please visit the Photo Gallery on our website as well as our Facebook page  and our Instagram page. 

What is the Role of a Hotel Animator?

The main duties of a Hotel Animator are:

  • To perform in the animation/entertainment program for the hotel (activities, games, shows, etc.)
  • To have excellent communication and cooperation with the Team Leader and the team members
  • To communicate and perform duties and activities on their own and as part of a team
  • To encourage guest participation in activities
  • To maintain costumes or props
  • To provide good customer service
  • To be a great public relations representative
  • To interact with guests and have a friendly relationship with hotel staff
  • Promote and sell Company’s merchandise

How to Apply

Fill up the Application Form on our website.

Apply for your dream job

An Animator without previous experience in hotel entertainment will be entitled to a two-weeks Training/Trial Period, which will take place in a hotel related to Animation Greece. During this period, the Animator will be trained to possess all the skills and knowledge to enable him/her to perform his/her duties effectively. During the Training/Trial Period, Animation Greece will provide the accommodation and will be responsible for issuing the Tax Identification Number (AΦΜ) and the Social Security Number (A.M.K.A.) to the Animator.

Working hours, Benefits and Salary

The work is seasonal with most jobs being available during the Full Season (between April and October). Some animators work also during High Season (High Season refers to the period from June until a date in September to be advised by the Agency). While applying for the position, please, note that the animation companies prefer and might give priority to the animators who come and work during the Full Season.

You will work a 6-day week and up to 8 hours a day providing day and evening activities. The performance schedule is designed according to the Entertainment Program.

While working for Animation Greece you have many facilities. The facilities refer to benefits/advantages/bonuses created by the services of the Company to the Animator, to increase maximum satisfaction.

Animation Greece guarantees:

  • the Animator’s Health and Social Insurance, by registering the Animator to the Greek Social Insurance Agency (EFKA)
  • the Animator’s registration at the Greek Employment Organization (OAED) where the Animator can claim after-season benefits
  • the round-trip travel tickets up to the sum of 200 Euros, which shall be reimbursed to the Animator on completion of the Contract. In case of High Season working period, the Animator shall be reimbursed up to the sum of 100 Euros
  • the Animator’s accommodation
  • providing meals and refreshments in the Hotel where the Animator will be working
  • giving to the Animator 4 (four) days off per month (on which will be paid the same as the working days)
  • providing the Animator with all the necessary documents needed to create an account on National Bank of Greece, including Master Card and i-bank.
  • providing the Animator with all the necessary documents he/she might need from other offices when the Animator returns to his/her home country.

Other benefits/bonuses may include: free or discounts on water sports, free or discounts in clubs/bars/restaurants associated with Animation Greece, bonuses from the Company’s merchandise, discounts on purchasing new electronic devices, providing electric scooters, etc.

The monthly salary varies from 500 euros to 1.500 euros a month. This payment will be transferred to the animator’s bank account on monthly basis.

Notices and Warnings

It often happens that animators who go to work abroad are prone to frauds made by animation companies or agencies who will try to illegally profit from your lack of information. This leads into non-pleasant situations and would have a direct effect on your finances, health, etc. Therefore, before you sign a contract with any company, you should get well-informed about the insurance policies, payment methods, etc. In this chapter we will inform you on some of the tricks used by some animation companies to avoid their responsibilities.

The most often used trick is “A1 health insurance”. Some entertainment companies might offer you “A1 health insurance”, or what they usually call as “European health insurance”. What you should know is that such insurance is very specific, and companies are often skipping the laws in order to avoid paying their contributions for your health and working insurance.
Few of these companies operating in Greece are based abroad, in countries such as Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, etc. They contact you through their websites or social media and after signing a “contract” where they introduce you as “posted worker” or “self-employed”, they send you to the associated hotels in Greece.

The Applicable Legislation on EU, EEA and Switzerland, since December 2013, on issuing A1 Health Insurance, states that:

Article 5. A person being posted to another Member State is attached to the social insurance system of the Member State in which his/her employer is established immediately before the start of his/her employment. A period of at least one month can be considered as meeting this requirement. (Means, you should be working and be insured at least one month at the member state of the company, before to be sent to work to another state).
Therefore, being provided with ‘A1 health insurance” without having worked and being insured at least one month in the company’s state of origin (i.e. Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, etc.) it is considered a fraud and it is legally prosticuted when found out by the work and insurance inspectors of the Greek administration.

Another fraud, similar to the “posted worker” is also declaring the animator as “self-employed”. In this case, the inspection from the Greek Tax Office (EFORIA) would result to severe fees, as the “self-employed” animator/performer should provide them with invoices for the services.

While working legally in Greece, the animation company should provide you with a Greek bank account and transfer your all your payments to this account. If you are asked to provide for them a non-Greek bank account, then this is an evidence of a fraud.

Last, but not least, is the trick written in the end of “the contracts”, where these companies state that “this contract should be interpreted according to the laws of Bulgaria/Germany/Switzerland, etc”. While working legally in Greece, the contracts should be interpreted only according to the laws of the Republic of Greece. Only in such case you can be able to persuade and find your rights in case of disputes between you and the animation companies.

What do you need to bring with you

– In order to issue all the necessary documents, you need to have with you a valid Passport/ID, 4 (four) passport photos size 4 x 6 cm (1.6 x 2.3 inches) and 2 photocopies of the passport/ID
– For the boys: a pair of black trousers, a pair of black shoes and one white shirt. For the girls: a pair of black leggings, a pair of black shoes and one black top (t-shirt).
– If you want to bring with you anything else you think it might fit this job, do not hesitate to do it.
– And the most important, bring with you your smile, energy, enthusiasm, friendliness and motivation. The animation is the best job where you can discover new life experiences, making new friends and creating unforgettable memories.